What Every Smart Writer Knows About Writing Emails

Are you sitting in a comfortable position? Are you feeling relaxed? Because what you are about to hear will completely revolutionize the way you communicate.

FACT: reading long emails sucks.

FACT: reading long emails with lots of different font sizes, colors, styles and shapes sucks even worse.

FACT: most people click delete the minute someone sends an email that’s designed like what was just described.

FACT: the reason people are answering you, “ooops, no, I didn’t.” whenever you ask them if they read your email is because IT SUCKS!

Stop writing terrible emails NOW by following a very simple step.

Smart writers know that effective emails contain one idea. One point.

Smart writers know that the chances of getting your email read quadruple if you keep your emails short, sweet, and to the point!

Smart writers know that getting to the point should be done fast.

Smart writers know that it is just as easy to write five short emails under five different subject headings as it is to write one email that contains five points.

Why is this so? Because it’s smart, that’s why. And because today’s email reader in nearly ALL contexts—albeit the old granny sitting reading forwards and letters from grandchildren—have too much to do. Concentrating on the minute details and points made in a massive splattering of text is too much for a readers info/stress-stuffed brain to handle. Smart writers know this, and so write to the needs of their readers.

Do you want your emails to be read? Do you want to be a smart emailist?

Then start shortening them up. Stop being stylistic. Get to the point! Be polite, but get to the point. ...or else.

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