If You Could Answer 20 Questions About Your Life, What Questions Would You Want to Answer?

People love to talk about themselves. People love it when others ask them personal questions. Of course, not all personal questions are ranked equally. Yet, most people enjoy answering even THOSE questions if the time and place is right.


Because we want to be known. We want our stories told. We want people to truly understand and know us. Disagree if you want, but the bottomline is that there’s something about our humanity that cries out I WANT TO BE KNOWN!!! I WANT TO TELL YOU WHO I AM!

That, and we just plain like talking about ourselves!

So what questions would you love to have someone ask you?

Is there a secret you’re holding on to, perhaps have been for years? Are you waiting for the right person to come along and ask you that perfectly phrased question that motivates you to finally tell all?

Perhaps there is a boy or a girl that you really really wish would ask you something. What is it? What’s the fantasy question that you’re dying to have someone ask you? That exact question that you’ve been rehearsing the answer to all your life?

Questions are so important! They have the ability to raise the dead, to bring back life to a sore soul and a pain-filled life liver. Questions have the ability to drive out demons, bring light into darkened rooms, shower grace on a stormy moment, and add life to an already brilliant day.

Questions rock!

Who is the person you absolutely love the most? What is the most meaningful memory of your childhood? What’s the saddest day of your life? What would it take to make that sad day go away? What is the one thing that if you had it would vastly improve your life?

Are you who you want to be? Whose opinion of you matters most? What’s your greatest accomplishment? What is your secret dream? If you could give one thing to life, what would you give?

These are ten that would probably help someone get to know you better. Answering them in the presence of someone would also help you know yourself better too. It’s an amazing phenomenon that when we speak our story, and when we listen to ourselves tell, that if we’re full of crap we can usually feel the tickle of misalignment within. If we think about that misalignment, if we choose to look at it, we have the chance to ask ourselves the questions…what’s wrong? Am I missing something? Is this concept I just spoke real and true for me? Or is it not? Could it be I’m just parroting someone else?

Questions have the power to reveal truth to you and to another. With such, we can find the greatest gift to ourselves and to another. ….the truth. Where there is truth there is freedom, ladies and gents…..where there is truth, there is freedom.

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