3 Massively Monstrous Superbly Awesome Benefits of Social Media

Given all the negative publicity in the world concerning social media—how it’s big brother and a time suck—you should be asking yourself why use this scary privacy killer?

It’s simple.

It’s fun.
Truth is, sitting, writing, playing and informing are fun. Writing about what you do and did are greatly entertaining to you. Whether others care what you say matters only a little. You are guaranteed at least a small audience of listeners and readers. …and this is good. It’s good to be heard, it’s fun to be heard. It’s also fun to look at all your friends photos.

But the fun factor is only an awesome benefit. It’s not a massively monstrous, superbly awesome benefit. …so just what are the massively monstrous, superbly awesome benefits of social media?

Social Media improves communication.
Flat out, writing Twitter Tweets and Facebook updates takes skill. Writing something that is both interesting and understandable is a talent. The rewards of your talent are the little red tags in Facebook and hyper-retweeting on Twitter. (…I’m sure the other media forms have cool things about them too).

Social Media improves relationships.
For the most part, you’ve probably connected with people you’ve not talked with in years. Yes those relationships might not be as tight as they used to be, but at least you’re talking.

Social Media improves positioning.
For those of us who have lots of friends or followers, what we say IS reality. The story you tell yourself about me based on the words I write are powerful. What I say positions myself in your brain. Who I am to you is your reaction to what I’ve written or posted. This is especially powerful with those people who you really never talk to, but read your tweets or updates regularly. It’s kind of fun, actually. Every now and then, throw your network a curveball by saying something really wacky. Keep everyone guessing.


Good question. Just fun, I guess.

Anyhow, social media is not ALL BAD. There are a tonne more benefits too if you want to find them. Here’s a good site that lists some great reasons we should use Social Media.

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