Dammit! I did it again. Once more sucked into a conversation with Pablo my annoying co-worker. That guy just drones on and on and on and on. I just want to be left alone, but I’m too damned nice. He says something to me, and I guess I’m too nice to ignore it. Suddenly, I’m hooked. A half hour passes, my ears melting from the idiot rays spewing from his tragically dumb mouth. I hate it! What can I do?

How do I stop allowing myself to be sucked into stupid conversations with people that drive me bonkers?

Good Question!

Here are 3 powerful ways out of that habit:

1) STOP!

Just stop! Stop engaging. Stop trying to be thought nice. Stop worrying what others think. You deserve your freedom! You deserve peace. You deserve to live with unmelted ears. You deserve to live far away from the idiot rays of dumb mouths everywhere. So just stop engaging them in conversation.

It’s not that easy, you say?


It is that easy. Quit with the need to be everyone’s friend, to be liked by everyone. Quit trying to be Pablo’s chum and pal. Who cares what he wants. He clearly cares little for what you want. Ignore the idiot. Life is too short.
If some annoying dude or dudette says something to you, simple don’t engage.

Be a jerk. It’s okay!

2) Whack Yourself In The Face With The Backside Of A Hairbrush.

Go ahead, give yourself a few good whacks. Why? Because…
Because you clearly enjoy pain. If you keep allowing yourself to engage with pabo’s (Korean for fools) like Pablo, you must really enjoy basking in pain. Otherwise, why would you allow yourself to continue the process? So, since you like pain and yet want to stop this behaviour, then you need to find a substitute action. Whacking yourself in the face with the backside of a hairbrush is a good game to play.

Try it. Go ahead. Give yourself four or five good whackings!
Especially do this everytime Pablo shows his face near you. Probably he will think that since you’re busy whacking yourself, you’ll be too busy to talk. He’ll probably just decide to come back later when you are not so busy. When he does, go ahead and repeat this tip until he stops coming.


3) Use your assertive skills, and tell them kindly, with a smile, yet firmly, “No Thank You.”

Tell them, “Can’t Talk: Busy.” If they keep talking despite your firm statement, repeat your
statement again and again. Try keeping your voice friendly and calm. Act like a robot, and repeat. Keep going, adding in every now and then, “bye bye”. I promise, they’ll get the hint after a while.

Now, if you don’t like these tips, or you think you have better ones, please feel free to add to the pile.

If you think these tips won’t work, well then you can go here: surprise.

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